Off to Ireland!

Well, here we are!  All of my apologies for taking so long to get started on the blog this year, but I actually just arrived in Ireland yesterday!  The rest of the group has been here since last Friday, so I’ll share a few of their pictures before you’ll see mine.  From what I hear, the Ring of Kerry was the most popular outing so far!  As I write this, we’re actually on a ferry on the way to Wales, so there’s still lots of adventure ahead!











Yesterday, we spent a bit of time near Grafton St., which is a really ritzy street in downtown Dublin.  We did some shopping before we headed over to Trinity College to see their library and the Book of Kells!


One of the most beautiful parts of Dublin is all the painted doors.  Many of them are really brightly colored, but this one was especially detailed.


Next stop was St. Patrick’s Cathedral!  Our local guide, Rosemary, was full of amazing info.  She told us all about the war memorial inside, and all the flags hung from the ceiling were used in actual Irish wars.







This monument looked just a little bit familiar to our kids, but it’s actually a monument in commemoration of the Battle at Waterloo.


Near the Pope’s Cross is a little ice cream truck that was voted the best in all of Ireland!  So, of course a few of us took advantage!



Beautiful entrance to the American Embassy!  There is currently no US ambassador to Ireland, but that could change in a couple weeks.


A few of us toured the Guinness Brewery, while others of us spent time shopping before we all caught up for dinner!




Beautiful view of Dublin from the top of the Guinness Brewery!



Dinner was roast chicken, green beans, and an apple pastry from Murray’s!  All of the food here has been really, really delicious.  The Irish are definitely into their meat and potatoes!


Our last stop of the evening was the shoreline near our hotel in Bray.  It’s rocky, but so, so beautiful!  A few of our students hit up the local McDonald’s instead. 🙂





One of my favorite parts of Ireland has definitely been all the beautiful flowers.  From the hanging baskets and the arrangements outside pubs, to the amazing landscaping outside homes, it’s all just gorgeous!



Can’t wait to update you on Wales after our big tour today!  For now, goodbye from the middle of the Irish Sea!


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