We Made it to Wales!

Well, here we are in country number two!  We were pretty early risers this morning, most of us up at 5:00 in order to grab some breakfast and be on the bus by 6:00.  We took a short trip over to the ferry near our hotel in Bray, and from there, we loaded up our luggage and embarked on a three hour boat ride to Holyhead Port in Wales!  Most of us were a little hungry on the boat, and the food certainly didn’t disappoint.  My sister had some pancakes with blueberry compote and a healthy serving of bacon!


Once we made it to Wales, our first stop was Beaumaris Castle, which was pretty much everything you could expect out of a European castle!  It really is a fortress, with a moat and plenty of those really skinny windows that were great for defending a castle.  The town where it is situated is also beautiful and sits right on the water!


Even though we had left Ireland, we still saw plenty of harps!


Most of us grabbed a late lunch in the town, and there were quite a few little shops to choose from!  Everyone here is exceptionally welcoming and very friendly, so I’ve been really grateful that no one has been put out by this crazy influx of Americans!


We weren’t really sure what this game was, but there were a bunch of older men playing what looked to be Bocce Ball!  I’m pretty sure they call this their version of bowling.


After leaving the castle, we took a beautiful two-hour ride through the Welsh countryside to the town of Llangollen, where we are spending the night.  It’s an adorable little town that really looks straight out of Epcot.  All of the shops close right at 7:00, but the restaurants stay open a bit later.


One of the most beautiful parts of Llangollen is the bridge, which displays a bunch of flags from other countries.  If y’all know anything about my sister, you know she can name the flag of almost every country in the world!  So obviously, she loved this bridge.  I saw several of our kids doing little photoshoots there after dinner!

That’s our hotel on the right!  It really couldn’t be more picturesque.


That’s the Welsh flag on the right, with the dragon on it.  They’re pretty into those over here!


Tomorrow morning, it’s off to Edinburgh, Scotland!  I hate that we have to leave Wales so quickly, but I’m so excited to see what Scotland has to offer!


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